The following link will provide several methods on how you can integrate FTP with Eclipse

The best tutorial that worked for me is posted in the middle of the page. Here are is a concise summary of the instructions:

Native FTP and SSH support in Eclipse is in the “Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime” Plugin.

Install it through Eclipse itself. These instructions may vary slightly with your version of Eclipse:

  1. Go to ‘Help’ -> ‘Install New Software’ (in older Eclipses, this is called something a bit different)
  2. In the ‘Work with:’ drop-down, select your version’s release site. For Indigo, this is Indigo –
  3. In the filter field, type ‘remote’.
  4. Check the box next to ‘Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime’
  5. Click ‘Next’. It should now download and install.
  6. Accept the Licenses agreement and install, Eclipse may want to restart.


Using it, in Eclipse:

  1. Window -> Open Perspective -> (perhaps select ‘Other’) -> Remote System Explorer
  2. File -> New -> Other -> Remote System Explorer (folder) -> Connection (or type Connection into the filter field)
  3. Choose FTP from the ‘Select Remote System Type’ panel.
  4. Fill in your FTP host info in the next panel (username and password come later).
  5. In the Remote Systems panel, right-click the hostname and click ‘connect’.
  6. Enter username + password and you’re good!
  7. Well, not exactly ‘good’. The RSE system is fairly unusual, but you’re connected.
  8. And you’re one smart cookie! You’ll figure out the rest.