There are a lot of web tools on the web to help you download a website such as Httrack but with a little bit of effort you can easily achieve this by simply executing one line of code via your command line.  So lets get right to it shall we….

  1. Install Xcode on your Mac.
  2. Install the commad line tools for Xcode.
  3. Open your terminal and install Homebrew by entering this line.:
    ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL
  4. Now lets get wget using homebrew by entering this command in your terminal.
    brew install wget

    Homebrew will install all the dependencies for you. Wget is the tool responsible for doing all the downloads.   Wget will download all the assets (CSS/JS/Images) relative to the public pages.  So you can load any page, off line, and the images or the styles will not be broken.

  5. Now the part you have been patiently waiting for, how to download an entire website on your mac.  Enter the following command to download the desired site and watch the magic happen.

    wget –mirror –convert-links –adjust-extension –page-requisites