Installing OpenCV might be a bit of a pain. Here is a summary of how you can install OpenCV on Mac OSX.

1) You must have a c/c++ compiler installed on you mac. You can check out my article “Eclipise C/C++ Mac tutorial“. In this article you can figure out how to install c/c++ on your mac.

2) Download and extract OpenCV on your computer. This can be on any folder on your computer, example, /myhome/opencv/.

3) Download CMake and install it on your computer.

4)We now need to build OpenCV from our source files from step 2. To build OpenCV go to the OpenCV folder and create a new directory called “build” (example, /myhome/opencv/build).

5) Open/start CMake and input your source folder (/myhome/opencv/) and your build folder (/myhome/opencv/build) in the CMake window. Click on configure and see if there is any issues. If no issue arises then click generate to build OpenCV. You can also do this via the terminal/console as indicated here.

6) Go into your build folder via terminal/console (/myhome/opencv/build) and install OpenCV (sudo install).

Now you are ready to compline or integrate OpenCV with your IDE. For my next tutorial I will show you how you can integrate OpenCV with Eclipse.