Installing Typescript on a Mac is very simple just follow the steps below:

  • You need to have NodeJS installed on your mac.  Go to the NodeJS website and install the current version.
  • To varify that your installation was successfull, go into your console and enter the following command:

      node -v

  • We need “npm” to install Typescript which gets installed with NodeJS.  Npm is a Javascript package manager used by Node to include different packages or modules into your project.  In this case we want to acquire the Typescript package.
  • If needed you can update your npm by entering the following command in your console:

      sudo npm install npm -g

  • Now add install typescript.  To check your verson just type “tsc” on your console.  If you see an option output then Typescript was installed successfully.

      npm install -g typescript

Great work you are now set with Typescript and ready for money coding.