• Install OpenCV On Mac OSX

How To Install OpenCV On Mac OSX

Installing OpenCV might be a bit of a pain. Here is a summary of how you can install OpenCV on Mac OSX. 1) You must have a c/c++ compiler installed on you mac. You can check out my article "Eclipise C/C++ Mac tutorial". In this article you can figure out how to install c/c++ on your mac. 2) Download and ....read more

  • Cheat Git Commands

Useful Git Commands

Here are some Git commands that you might find useful. Use his command if you want to create a branch from your master-brach git branch [your_branch_name]   On conflict if you want to keep your file use "ours" or use "theirs" to keep the other version: git checkout --ours [file_name] git checkout --theirs [file_name]   Use his command if you ....read more

  • Eclipse C++ Mac Tutorial

Eclipse C++ Mac Tutorial

If you are a new Mac user then enabling Eclipse C/C++ for Mac OS X might be a bit tricky. Hopefully this tutorial can alleviate some pain. Mac by default does not come with a C/C++ compiler (gcc/g++), so you need to install it. Before I shift gears I would just like to indicate that this post is based on ....read more

  • Wordpress

WordPress custom search on a category and tag

You might be in a scenario where you are require to produce a custom search result based on a category and tags along with pagination. That is, get all the articles from a specific category that have been tagged with a certain tag value. Here is the code snippet that will do the trick: Here is the code to query ....read more

  • eclipse

Add FTP to Eclipse

The following link will provide several methods on how you can integrate FTP with Eclipse http://stackoverflow.com/questions/95800/how-do-i-add-ftp-support-to-eclipse The best tutorial that worked for me is posted in the middle of the page. Here are is a concise summary of the instructions: Native FTP and SSH support in Eclipse is in the "Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime" Plugin. Install it through Eclipse ....read more

  • install-wordpress

Migrating wordpress from localhost to server

When you are ready to migrate your wordpress site from localhost to a different server. -copy your wordpress folder from localhost to the desired server -export your localhost database and import it to the live server -After the import is completed. Look for the following records in the "wp_options" table based on table field "option_name": siteurl : change this to ....read more