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PrestaShop Paypal Integration

1)If you don't have the Paypal module installed then you will need to install it. The instructions can be found here:http://addons.prestashop.com/en/content/21-how-to 2) Then we want to setup a Paypal test (sandbox) account. The instructions to this process can be found here: http://www.hostknox.com/tutorials/miscellaneous/paypal-sandbox -This link above will tell you how to setup as seller (merchant) account and a buyers account. -Remember ....read more

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Integrate Microsoft SQL with PHP

In this article I will try to explain how Microsoft SQL Server can integrate with PHP in a Windows environment (WAMP). I will assume that you already have MS SQL server and WAMP installed in your computer. If you don't have WAMP installed on your Windows machine then you can get it from "XAMPP" or "WAMP Server 2". -http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html -http://www.wampserver.com/en/ ....read more