1 11, 2012
  • Eclipse C++ Mac Tutorial

Eclipse C++ Mac Tutorial

If you are a new Mac user then enabling Eclipse C/C++ for Mac OS X might be a bit tricky. Hopefully this tutorial can alleviate some pain. Mac by default does not come with a C/C++ compiler (gcc/g++), so you need to install it. Before I shift gears I would just like to indicate that ....read more

17 05, 2012
  • eclipse

Add FTP to Eclipse

The following link will provide several methods on how you can integrate FTP with Eclipse http://stackoverflow.com/questions/95800/how-do-i-add-ftp-support-to-eclipse The best tutorial that worked for me is posted in the middle of the page. Here are is a concise summary of the instructions: Native FTP and SSH support in Eclipse is in the "Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime" ....read more