10 01, 2013
  • Edit Mac Host File

Edit Mac Host File

If you need to add or edit an entry to your Mac host file then open your terminal/console enter the following command: sudo vim /private/etc/hosts After editing your host file you should clear your host cache. Enter the following command to clear your cache: dscacheutil -flushcache    

5 12, 2012
  • Install OpenCV On Mac OSX

How To Install OpenCV On Mac OSX

Installing OpenCV might be a bit of a pain. Here is a summary of how you can install OpenCV on Mac OSX. 1) You must have a c/c++ compiler installed on you mac. You can check out my article "Eclipise C/C++ Mac tutorial". In this article you can figure out how to install c/c++ on ....read more

1 11, 2012
  • Eclipse C++ Mac Tutorial

Eclipse C++ Mac Tutorial

If you are a new Mac user then enabling Eclipse C/C++ for Mac OS X might be a bit tricky. Hopefully this tutorial can alleviate some pain. Mac by default does not come with a C/C++ compiler (gcc/g++), so you need to install it. Before I shift gears I would just like to indicate that ....read more